Great! You have decided to play with me. You have trolled on my website, facebook, instagram, twitter, watched one or even two of my films and think it is about time that I am the person to inspire you to live into the person you are meant to be. 

You have a dream project that is that so important and this is the year that you need to get it done and out there. You would like to know the next steps in make this a reality. Along your creative path it can be tricky and you would like someone to hold your hand along the way so you don't get stuck in a mulberry bush picking berries for an hour and instead have decided that it would be nice have someone to pick those berries with you. You just need intensive support to hold you accountable so that your want list is manifested sooner rather than later. Yes, I am here for you.

Right now I have three ways we can work together. A VIP photo and video play date, an intensive 90 day Creative Life experience where we focus on one project or The Best Year Ever - Reset your Life package where look at the bigger picture and take massive action to get you results you never knew possible.

I only want to play with people who feel 110% energetically drawn to me. We are jumping into a relationship and we are going to be around each other a bunch. You need to have your bathing suit ready at all time because we are jumping into the deep end. This is meant to be fun! 

I play with people in person and virtually using phone or video conferencing.  

A good suggestion to start with one session to see if we are the right fit. I focus on world changing individuals and organizations. It is exciting what we get accomplished in your life, projects and in your mindset. Believe me, even I am surprised. Happily, of course. These are perfect for creative powerhouses that want to go full force and jump in. 

Let's not forget that I like to surprise you with bonus emails, phone calls and what I call love packages via snail mail.  

You have a couple more questions. Email me and let's schedule a chat. Happy to help you manifest this into a reality. 

We can try out a session pay what you wish to see if we are a perfect fit.

Let's start digging in and having some fun!