A documentary on girls with natural red hair that focuses on identity, friendship and fun.

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Alexia Anastasio's Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads Documentary on women with natural red hair. Produced by Angie Everhart, Music by Max Collins of Eve 6 and songwriter Alicia Witt.


The new documentary film, Ginger Girls: The Secret Lives of Redheads, chronicles the mysteries about redheads. American filmmaker Alexia Anastasio wanted to find out the secret lives of redheaded women or as they are often called "gingers." Herself a redhead, Anastasio traveled the United States in search of redheaded women with stories to tell, interviewing them. What’s a secret life? The secret struggle. The effort necessary to succeed that nobody sees - talent, courage & determination. It's true what you hear about redheads. Hot temper. The attention-getter. Good in bed. They get bullied as kids. But most of all-- everyone agrees they stand out from the pack. Some women some think it’s a blessing, some think the opposite. Some want to dye their hair to escape the stigma, while other women want to dye their hair to "ginger" color. Natural redheaded women are the 2%.

Through Anastasio's lens we meet a veteran model, a Shakespearean actor, a dancer, women CEO's, and more. Will they embrace their image and live with the stereotypes - or try to break the mold?


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Who is Alexia Anastasio?

As a redhead I had an interesting time growing up. I was teased and people developed crushes on me without even talking to me. I was the most noticeable person in the room, and sometimes still am, but I’ve always gotten most of that attention from my head full of red hair.

Strangers would compliment me and ask where I got my beautiful hair. I’d say my parents as, it took two, in my case. My mother’s red hair went brown with age, while my father’s hair went from red to white. But it wasn’t until I started this project that I’d think or say “Redheads unite!” when running into fellow redheads. Before Ginger Girls, I didn’t even address it.

Redheads rarely talk to other redheads about being a redhead. I thought this was odd, for there are many issues at stake—from fair skin, freckling, looking eternally young, and most curiously, the many redhead stereotypes. Personally, as a redhead, I feel that is where the actress part of me comes from—that wild and wacky side that has always been excused because of my red hair.

I feel that redheads are as quirky, feisty and passionate as the stereotype suggests. In this project I will investigate what other redheaded girls have to say about their experiences and how they think and feel about being a Ginger Girl.

Why Gingers? Genesis of the Ginger Project

 The target audience is women with red hair, the men and women who love them, and all those harnessing the power of Ginger!

Anastasio is working with animation producer Mina Sanwald (of the Bill Plympton Studio) to complete animated segments.


Alexia Anastasio, Director/Producer

Alexia Anastasio is an artist, actress and filmmaker who has starred, co-directed and co-produced many independent film productions. Alexia draws, paints, enjoys doing collage work and photography. As an actress she was recently featured in feature film Supernaturalz, HBO's Bored to Death, VH1 “If you like...” commercial and Vetiver’s "Everyday" music video. Anastasio started experimenting in film 12 years ago while attending SUNY Purchase. She made many short films, some experimental narratives and documentaries, started her own art, music and film festival, CAMP Festival. She has worked for many directors, festivals, distribution companies and even an independent cinema. After working behind the scenes on many independent shorts and features, she edited a feature documentary, Vampira: The Movie, associate produced The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels, produced and starred in the mockumentary 7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult and helped promote and sell the movies at horror and comic book conventions. Not to mention that she also sold her short films. That is where she discovered the profound connection between fan and filmmaker.

Anastasio’s current film Adventures in Plymptoons! is a feature documentary and has played all of the world at film festivals including Annecy International Animation Film Festival, San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Bend Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Flip Animation Film Festival and more. You can watch it on Hulu,Netflix or Amazon. She also recently mentored young filmmaker Dana Farley with her first documentary film, Beyond the Noise, My Transcendental Meditation Journey, where Dana interviews and is interviewed by filmmaker David Lynch.

Angie Everhart, Producer

Everhart is famous for being in a cover model for Elle, Playboy and Glamour magazine and now the spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

With a career that began at the age of 14, Angie Everhart skyrocketed from high school mascot to stunning redheaded supermodel overnight. She has been the spokeswoman for L’Oréal and face of Pantene. These associations caught the attention of famed fashion houses such as: Chanel, YSL Rive Gauche, Lolita Lempicka, Christian Dior,Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Max Mara and Christian Lacroix. She was not only featured in print campaigns for the previously mentioned brands, but also participated in every major haute couture runway show and fashion event in the world. Through her experience in the industry, Everhart garnered incredible mainstream appeal, demonstrated by the success of her work for Levi’s and the corporate world’s acknowledgment of her presence as an international icon.

The latest addition to Everhart’s life occurred on July 24, 2009, when she gave birth to her son, Kayden Bobby Everhart. In her own words “being a mother is the greatest thing I have ever done.” Angie Everhart has gone from supermodel to supermom and has a passion for life and health. This passion has kept her radiant and in the spotlight for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mina Sanwald, Animation Producer

Mina Sanwald is an American illustrator and animator. She is credited in two up-and-coming animated shorts from the Bill Plympton Studio, Weird Al’s latest music video for “TMZ” and the restored version of Winsor McCay’s short The Flying House. She works for Hound Comics as an animator and illustrator, but looks forward to the future with much excitement and can't wait to begin her next big project as the Ginger Girls animation producer.

Cool Reward by Mina Sanwald

Sketch Card drawing of you by Mina Sanwald

Associate Producers: Krysta KelleySherri Rickman and Denise Kulisz

Music by: 

Max Collins (of Eve 6)

For Max Collins, longtime singer and bassist of Eve 6, this year marks an opportunity to explore new musical ground. The musician will unveil his debut solo album, Honey From The Ice Box, bolstered by Pledge Music. Max, who has released five albums with Eve 6 since their inception in 1995, including 2012’s Speak In Code, plans to tour Honey From The Ice Box with a full band. For him, this new album represents the beginning of something, an initiation into what he hopes will be an extensive solo career that will eventually yield more music.

Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt is best known as an actor (Friday Night Lights, 88 Minutes, Two Weeks Notice,Cybill, etc). But with a recent cover story in Sound+Vision magazine, appearance as musical guest on the Craig Ferguson show, and her original piano driven rock in the vein of Sara Bareilles/The Fray meets Billy Joel/Elton John, she's trying her darndest to change that.

What others say about Alexia?

“Very Modern.” (regarding Anastasio’s style of shooting) - David Lynch, Artist/Filmmaker

"A+ Excellent work Alexia" (regarding Anastasio's artwork) - Miranda July, Artist/Filmmaker

“Reeks of DIY gone right. Determination, conviction and a little humor goes a long way ... Alexia Anastasio has all that and more.” - Joanne, Obsession Collection

“Alexia is a creative, imaginative filmmaker as well as a leader and dynamite organizer” - Joan Sekler, Filmmaker

“She works tirelessly, utilizing her many talents, and remains steadfast until her task is accomplished, whether it be in front of or behind the camera.” - Ted V. Mikels, Director/Producer

“Alexia is one of the most hard-working, overachieving people I have ever met. She has done nothing but impress me with how much heart she puts into every project, and how much she gets done.” - John Bryan, Art Director/Musician

“Alexia is a creative, hard working, exceptional performing artist.” - Barbara Toy, Producer

“Alexia is a determined, creative, flexible partner. She worked with us organizing events for the outreach of our documentary The Education of Shelby Knox. She is an independent worker who is very good at handling whatever comes up and seeing things through.” - Rose Rosenblatt, Director/Producer

“Alexia is an excellent film producer. She incorporates her experiences, and the film's individual production needs, as well as taste and aesthetics. A true team player way beyond the call of duty (or fun!).” - Matt Kohn, Director/Producer

“Alexia is a fantastic networker and a great talent. With an eye for great collaborators, she has a ready supply of film industry professionals whose work is excellent and demeanor is professional and like-minded. Her effusive spirit comes through in all her projects, adding sparkle and charm to everything she is connected to.” - Caitlin Burns, Story Developer/Transmedia Producer


We are casting Ginger Girls worldwide, so if you are a girl with natural red hair or know of someone with red hair please send a picture, location, if you are able to shoot your own interview and contact info to alexia.anastasio [at] gmail [dot] com.


We have lots of fun ways to be involved including being part of the street team, marketing, publicity, content research, casting and booking.

If you want to set up a session for us in your town that we are coming to we will give you credit as a segment producer.

Contact: alexia.anastasio [at] gmail [dot] com.


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