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The story of three women, Pearl (Alexia Anastasio), Goby (Bonnie Lawrence) and Marina (Vivian Kane), who reunite after ten long years, only to find that they still have their differences. 

However, on a warm summer day, Goby reveals to Pearl that she is in love with her, and jumps into bed with her. 

The third friend in the triad, Marina, doesn't like this new lesbian relationship. She feels that she is left out of the circle of light. Marina, herself, frequently fails at her relationships with men and this makes matters worse. 

Marina seeks out an old friend, Jack, to make Gil, her lazy boyfriend, jealous. When that doesn't work, Marina kisses Pearl underwater in the pool. Maybe she can get love from Pearl as Goby had?

Ultimately, it all comes down to Pearl, having to make sense of it all. Is she permanently  lost in a sea of confusion? It's a story about love and sacrifice. 

The film was inspired by the writings of D.H. Lawrence, who famously wrote the novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover. This is a bisexual existential drama.