Playful Photography

Do you want to play with me? Join me for a day of playful photography. 

Now more than ever we tell stories using images more than words. They say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have opened my artsy doors and invite you into my world. I have been taking selfies sinces the 90's, photographed over 250 ginger girls (women with natural red hair) and as a filmmaker I love capturing magic and telling stories.

Do you want to join me on a creative adventure for the day?

Do you need photos for your business?

Is your Instagram looking a little bare?

Do you have a fashion brand?

Are you an actor who needs more character type shots?

Do you need photos to attract a romantic partner?

Do you need photos to show your mom that you are doing a-okay?

Are you having an event and you need someone to capture the magic?

Are you in a relationship and want to catch the timeless moments in the present?

You need pictures of yourself to add quotes to?

Let's create your perfect day. Make this a hike in the mountains, walk on the beach, in front of tourist attractions or out on the town. You decide. I am up for an adventure. Give this present to yourself. Book a day with me today. 

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