Here is what people are saying about Alexia!

Very Modern. (regarding Anastasio’s shooting style)
— David Lynch

Alexia is a creative, imaginative filmmaker as well as a leader and dynamite organizer
— Joan Sekler, Filmmaker

You are the ‘teacher’ that this ‘student was ready for.
J. Michael Cavitt

Alexia is the quintessential entrepreneur who takes on any opportunity like a cheetah after its prey. Besides being a savvy businesswoman, she has an electric spirit full of vigor and warmth. She will not only help you to be successful in your funding campaign but lift your heart as well!
Erik A. Williams

She works tirelessly, utilizing her many talents, and remains steadfast until her task is accomplished, whether it be in front of or behind the camera.
— Ted V. Mikels, Director/Producer

Alexia is the rock star of crowd funding. She has given our team such valuable information. And the courage to plunge into this scary process. Thank you, Alexia!!
— Julie Lynch

The film that you put together is brilliant! Not only is your documentary refreshingly enjoyable,but the way you captured the work of Plympton makes the film absolutely fascinating.
— The Amazing Kreskin

Alexia’s website is incredible, it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread.
— Joshua Macneil, Webdesigner for