The Productivity Alchemist

Alexis Giostra, also known as @MissTrenchcoat all across the internet, is an online entrepreneur who designs and sells digital tools to help you Work Smarter, Not Harder! For the past four years, she has ran her own online business, successfully replacing her 9-to-5 income within just 6 months of leaving a promising career at a corporate Fortune 50 to live the American Dream and create her own dream job. But today, Alexis hardly resembles the woman she was at the start of this journey, just four short years ago. Today, Alexis considers herself an Alchemist. A peculiar and often antiquated term that we only hear in fantasy movies and literature, but one that she believes is the simplest explanation of her life’s work that she is now ready to unveil.

The Temple Path

Alexis’ path to Entrepreneurship was an inevitability all but she saw coming, but her focus on productivity and planning was a manifestation several years in the making.

“Why do I love productivity,” she explains, “because I firmly believe I am one of the laziest people on Earth!”

For those who know Alexis, or are at least familiar with her work, this statement is meant to elicit a humorous moment. After well over 400 YouTube videos, more than 7 million video views, nearly 1,000 blog posts and a following of over 80k worldwide, most of us would say she is far from lazy, but she insists!

To her, productivity was never a question of how hard one works, instead it’s a judgement on the results of those efforts. How to get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of effort and outcome. You can spend your whole day working on a project and have great results to show, but if you could spend a fraction of your time and get the same outcome, that’s really understanding how to get things done! So she learned to hack time and tasks, always keenly aware of what actions and elements of her work gave her the best results and the most attention and praise.

As a child, Alexis was used to attention and praise. A trophy winning beauty queen before she could walk, she was also a tiny dancer, competitive ice skater and model, growing up in the home of the Miss America Competition, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although she doesn’t remember having a particular interest in any of these activities, once she was on stage or in front of a camera, she knew exactly what she needed to do to stand out.

“When I was in elementary school I was chosen to play the King Rat in a major production of The Nutcracker that was showing at the casino’s in Atlantic City. Students at my dance school were selected to perform alongside professional ballerina’s in this big production- I don’t even remember being that good at ballet at the time, but apparently the teacher liked me! My mother was so excited she ended up getting tickets to an afternoon showing for my entire grade school class and the school made it a field trip! Talk about attention and praise- I was a field trip for the entire 1st grade class of Lafayette Elementary! “

Alexis attributes the attention and praise she received at a young age for the high level of confidence she gained and maintained the rest of her life.

"When you believe at a young age that you are special and see evidence of it in your life, I think it’s safe to say you are going to have a sense of self-confidence and general opinion that the world is your oyster! I never lost that sense of worth and as I grew up feeling confident in myself, knowing I would get everything I wanted, guess what happened? I did! For each day of confidence, there were signs or synchronicities that reinforced this high sense of self. I wish I could bottle it and give it away to others because I KNOW it’s the secret to success!"

Alexis has had perhaps more than her fair share of success in her life thus far, but also more than her fair share of adversity. At the age of 8, Alexis’ parents, like many, divorced but she insists it wasn’t the divorce itself that caused a tremendous amount of drama in her life, instead it was instability that resulted from this event that sparked a domino-like cause and effect chain that would create chaos within a predominantly charmed childhood.

“But we can’t focus on the negative, it lowers your vibration, and if we know from ancient wisdom that everything vibrates. Quantum physics backs this up as well. We are nothing but a collection of tiny particles, densely packed and dancing around each other. And at the same time, when you get deep down into the quantum level, we become absolutely nothing at all. Quite literally, the tiniest structures of particles that make up you, me and everything we see look more like a mini solar system with just a few particles in a vast expanse. As above, so below, we are made of stardust and we have an entire universe inside of us. We always need to remember that!”

It is this philosophy that has become the basis of a new form of teaching that Alexis is just now beginning to focus on with her students, a more holistic and notably spiritual approach to productivity than when she first began on this journey. In the beginning her aim was clear- she would teach others the methods and lessons she had learned of planning and productivity, giving them the tools to make their dreams a reality too, but after talking to hundreds of overwhelmed women within her community she began to see more problems than solutions with the traditional methodology she was presenting.

“When I first started my channel, I believe my audience was drawn to me because they saw me as a successful and productive young woman who had somehow figured out how to balance all the demands of modern life and still have time to start their own business. After all, what I teach is unfortunately not something you can learn in school- but I really wish it was! Basic project planning and time management should be 101 level topics in our education system, but for whatever reason they aren’t and I was surprised to see how many people were out there on YouTube searching for this information. In the past, productivity was a topic filed under personal development or business administration. Some of the greatest books on productivity you may recognize from the shelves in your managers office at work, but I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done in high school! I had a digital copy of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People on my palm pilot where I organized my homework assignments and minimal social calendar! I realize I’m a bit of an anomaly on this one, but for most people productivity is a conversation driven in terms of business and development and the books are written by and for white collar working men. So here comes this 20-something little Italian girl on YouTube who’s way to excited about her planner and all of a sudden the context of the conversation has changed. David Allen, I love ya, but please try explaining how to simplify into a single inbox to a woman who’s sources of work are her husband, her job, her children, the PTA board, her children’s teachers, her extended family and her pastor! Women today are the most productive individuals in society, but many of them feel like they are way behind in life! We should be learning from them! Don’t get me wrong, there are some great women out there talking about productivity from the feminine perspective, Laura Vanderkam is a great thought leader in this area that comes to mind immediately. But unfortunately the expectations that society has placed on women is overwhelming them to the point that they are helping everyone else first and putting themselves last to the detriment of their body, mind and spirit. It’s actually a complete reversal on the universal laws of nature- it’s my goal to correct this!”

So, how then do we bridge the gap between Alexis, former productivity guru translating traditional productivity to women who’s responsibilities far exceed the expectations of the masculine driven business development world, to Alexis, productivity alchemist?

“I have struggled for years to define what it is that I do in this world, and ultimately I keep ending up at the simple fact that I am an Alchemist. I am preoccupied with the transmutation of energy into matter. I help people bring things from the 5D, fifth dimension often known as the spiritual dimension, to the 3D, our three dimensional physical reality. Where ancient alchemists were concerned with understanding and controlling the transformation of matter, specially to purify and perfect it into it’s highest state, I aim to teach others how to control their minds and actions to achieve their highest goals. When we think of alchemy today, we think of a bunch of old men in robes scribbling notes on parchment in a medieval laboratory trying to find the formula for the Alchemists Stone that would produce the elixir of life and transmute base metals into goad. To what end? What is the purpose of this stone if not to provide an endless stream of time and resources to give it’s bearer complete freedom to pursue even their wildest dreams. Isn’t that also the purpose of productivity? To give the bearer of this knowledge the ability to achieve more with less time and effort? To me, the formula for the alchemists stone is the formula for productivity and for the past year I have been in pursuit of the link between the two, through the parallel study of ancient philosophies, religions, hermetic principles; and the research of science, physics and quantum theory; I’ve found the formula for the stone. I run a business that is nearly completely passive, I can do what I want, when I want. I can work from anywhere in the world with complete freedom. I’ve used the formula to completely change my physical state and drastically improve my health. I think it’s safe to say I’ve created my stone. Now, I want to share the formula with the women in my community so they can create theirs.”

About the Director

Alexia Anastasio is an independent female filmmaker and producer best known for her internationally celebrated documentary, Adventures in Plymptoons! As a social media networking ninja, Alexia mentors the next generation of female filmmakers on how to leverage their social presence to fund their own creative projects, giving them ultimate financial and creative freedom.

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