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I really enjoyed my coaching call with Alexia. She helped me get clear on one of my blocks that was preventing me from moving forward in my business. She also helped me brainstorm many innovative ideas which I’m excited to implement. Thank you Alexia!
Christena Alyssandratos

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Alexia Anastasio is making a new movie

The Fantastic Santa Monaco is a narrative film about two female hipsters looking for love, connection and significance in Los Angeles. 

Alexia teaches filmmakers how to raise money using crowdfunding and spread their message so that they can make a difference in the world.  For more information on her Dream Funding Class click here.

Alexia is an artist, actress, filmmaker and Dream Funding Coach. She was featured in HBO's Bored to Death, VH1 “If you like...” commercial and Vetiver "Everyday" music video.

Her feature film work includes:

When not creating feature films, Alexia enjoys teaching her online class entitled Dream Funding and has used crowdfunding to raise money and bring global awareness for her own films. Her priority in life is to have fun and inspire creatives that they can live the art life. 

Alexia teaches a dream funding class, click the image below to learn more!

Alexia has been featured on the following networks


Tribeca Film Institute Grant Recipient 

Indie Talent Award

Valley Film Festival - "10 Degrees Hotter" Award

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