You're a creative powerhouse. You need more money and awareness to make a difference in the world. I can help.  

Dream Funding is what I teach.

This journey is to build a foundation of knowledge and clarify how you can specifically run a successful crowd funding campaign. Whether you are a novice or veteran you will get something magical out of our consultation sessions. You will get one on one support from Alexia and the Dream Funding community.

Go from having a dream project to making it a reality from Start up Strategies preparing you for success to the technical aspects to marketing and letting the universe know your vision. 

Things I can teach you:

  1. Mindset so you can get out of your way and get launching.

  2. How to Set up your Page: Tech Foundation, Content, Copy, Marketing Materials so you are super knowledgeable about putting your campaign together in a timely manner and it looks top notch.

  3. Marketing and Strategy Before you Launch and During the Campaign so that nothing is left to chance and you are super prepared before you launch.

  4. Reward Fulfillment and Gratitude so you can be super organized with getting out your rewards and especially your Thank you's!

  5. How Live Streaming is the most important part of your campaign and becoming an influencer online

Live Brainstorming and Implementation sessions

  • Private Facebook group with Alexia participating in conversations

I have to date helped raise over $500k for my students, consulting clients and myself.

What have others said about Alexia:

“Alexia is the epitome of class, excellence, drive and job focus. Far from being just a woman who only knows her subject matter, she lives it, breathes it. I would never hesitate to contact her again. She is a positive, happy, motivating and organized.“ - Bryan Forsythe

"I can't stress how crucial it was for me to have connected with Alexia and her Dream Funding course and the wonderful community just as I launched my Kickstarter campaign! Alexia helped me brainstorm the best strategies for my project, and really believed I could reach my goal. It's so important to have support from others who know exactly what you are going through, people who are ready to brainstorm with you, celebrate your successes (no matter how small), and lend you a helping hand when you run into difficulties. Running a crowd-funding is an intense experience, and I am so grateful that I had the support that carried me through the tough times with Alexia and the Dream Funding community" – Nina Huang

"Alexia knows her stuff when it comes to Social Media Marketing. With Alexia's input, love and support we reached 134% of our goal on Kickstarter." - Adam Rackoff (Campaign Manager and Executive Producer of Bill Plympton's Cheatin')

"Alexia helped me with my very successful Kickstarter campaign. She was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me out, even introducing me to people that would be helpful to know. She was so good that I wish she were in New York 100% of the time! She's warm, positive and a pleasure to work with!" - Jen Senko (Director/Producer of The Brainwashing of my Dad)

"The process has helped me with marketing and opened up other doors. I was writer before the class and now I am a writer and producer." - George Wensley

"As a filmmaker and artist I was excited by the prospect of Kickstarter but unsure of where to begin and how exactly it should be done. Alexia helped me through all that. Her consultation and class gave me invaluable advice on getting the word out before the campaign and how to successfully run the campaign itself. Her energy and enthusiasm was a huge source of inspiration while embarking on this often very stressful process. Now, I'm happy to say that I successfully raised the funds needed for the first phase of production of my film, Boxhead. Thank you Alexia for all of your wisdom and inspiration!" - Randall Kaplan

Alexia talking about crowdfunding on CBS Eye on the Desert

Alexia was a guest on Carole Lee Dean and Claire Papin's The Art of Film Funding podcast


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Alexia with Bill Geist on CBS Sunday Morning

Alexia with Bill Geist on CBS Sunday Morning

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